Do you need help with magnifying?

When I was a boy I loved magnifying things. I loved looking closer at objects and working out how things work. I had various instruments including magnifying glasses, a microscope, a telescope, and some toy gadgets that were very good for looking at bugs!

I thought I'd put all that I love about this subject on the web.

Magnifying it - making the ordinary appear extraordinary!

Come on my journey through the looking glass...

This site has:

  • Resources for learning about magnification.
  • There are ideas for gadgets, gizmos, gifts and presents.
  • It has information on the history of magnifiers.
  • It will help clear up some of the difficulty when searching for low vision aids.
  • There is advice on objects that help with crafts and hobbies.
  • There is information on instruments for looking very far away and instruments for extreme close ups.
  • I even did some research for you on books about magnification and songs with magnify references in the lyrics!

magnifying glass close up

In fact, this site will save you doing all the hard work searching the web for information about magnifiers.

Where to go first? Well, you could try my page on every use for magnifying products that you can think of, and more.