Camera LCD Magnifier

Using a Camera LCD Magnifier to magnify the small LCD display screen on your digital and video cameras.

Do you find camera LCD display screens too small?

I do. So do lots of people out there. That's part of the problem of the incredible shrinking electronic gadget, I suppose.

There are a number of products out there that you can use as a camera LCD magnifier. Here are three ideas for when you need help to see camera display screens better.

Magnifying Glass

You can use a magnifying glass, but really it's a bit impractical don't you think? They are rather heavy and bulky for a start. They don’t have straps for carrying them. And they are made of glass, so the first time you drop it will be the last!

Iris Magnaview

I've come across a great product for magnifying the LCD display screen of your digital camera. It's called the Iris Magnaview and it is a hand-held viewer that magnifies the screen to make images appear three times larger.

This is great for viewing images faster and in greater detail and is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers.

Inventor with Iris Magnaview camera screen magnifier

Paul Varley - Inventor of the Iris Magnaview

Screen Shades

Another great product for viewing camera images in the LCD screen is the Screen Shades from a company in California in the United States.

Screen Shade fixed lens camera magnifier

It is a hood or a shroud that you attach with Velcro strips to the area around the LCD screen of your digital still or video camera. The shade is available on its own, or with a magnifying glass lens incorporated in it. There is also a separate clip-on lens version to attach to the standard shade for those users looking for flexibility.

Screen Shade clip-on cameramagnifier

The glass lens has up to 3x magnification. A version is available with a polycarbonate lens for users concerned about breaking the glass lens.

The shades are available in a range of sizes to suit the size of the LCD screen.

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