Dora the Explorer
magnifying glass

Dora the Explorer magnifying glass shows little ones the way to explore.

See the fun they can have exploring the world with a Dora the Explorer magnifying glass and a Dora the Explorer talking backpack.

Given my interest in magnifiers, I wanted to give my girl a plastic toy magnifying glass as a gift. There’s nothing better than children being able to run around and explore their environment and it’s fun to have the tools available to make it different. With proper magnifiers they can have all sorts of fun making bugs and things look bigger.

So, I looked around and found two answers – there are pretend ones you can buy, or you can get a real magnifier for children with a plastic lens. You can’t give very small children glass ones for obvious reasons. You don’t want glass shards flying around when your little ones inevitably trip over and smash them.

When my little girl was one and two years old, she really loved Dora the Explorer.This is a picture of my little girl when she had learned to walk and could go round the garden all by herself.

Toddler the Explorer Dora

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a great character from Nickelodeon Jr that really appeals to toddlers and small children. She goes about exploring and having fun with her friends. It really shows little children the fun that can be had when they find their feet and start exploring their way in the world.

You can buy a Dora the Explorer talking backpack that contains a pretend Dora the Explorer magnifying glass, a pretend camera, a Dora bracelet and a pretend pair of binoculars. I got one of these for my daughter and she had great fun with it. You press the mouth on the front of the backpack to make it say some of the phrases from the Dora cartoon.

Dora the Explorer talking backpack

One problem with the backpack is that it’s not really a backpack for carrying things. It is more just a box made from plastic that you can put things in. There are no straps for carrying it, and the handle at the top is really just for opening the backpack and not for carrying it. Of course, little ones want to carry it around, but when they try to, the top pops open, the backpack swings under it and everything spills out!

On a positive note, with the toys inside the talking backpack set, children get a great amount of play value from it all. The Dora the Explorer magnifying glass and binoculars have clear plastic lenses that don't magnify. They and the camera are toys and don’t actually work (they are after all aimed at one and two year olds), but your children and their friends can have a great time pretending to explore with them.

My girl is three years old now, but still loves exploring. They change and grow so quickly, don’t they?! Now she is a bit older she’s got a proper magnifying glass with a plastic lens so she can explore the real world a bit more.

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