Magnify makeup mirrors
can cost $ thousands

But not all do!

Compare features of magnify makeup mirrors and see what you get for your money.

If you have glasses or contact lenses and you can't wear them when you apply makeup, you need a mirror that can magnify. Makeup mirrors like these are very common bathroom and vanity accessories. You may also find one useful for helping you see to insert your contact lenses.

They are available in all good department stores, pharmacies and household product stores. You can also choose from a whole range available through online retailers.

Magnify makeup mirrors come with various features. Choose from:

Wall or Table Top

  • Wall mounted – either permanently fixed or temporarily attached using suction cups or similar
  • Table top for your vanity unit or bathroom surface. They can come with a stand incorporated in their design to give added height or they have a frame so they can rest directly on a table surface.

Double or Single Sided; Magnified or Plain Mirrors

  • Single sided plain glass (non magnified) mirror
  • Double sided plain glass mirror
  • Single sided magnifier mirror
  • Double sided – one plain mirror, one magnifying
  • Double sided – both side with magnification

Magnifying Power

  • Magnification can range up to 12x power, with 3x and 5x being most common.


  • Without lighting
  • With in-built lights or attached lights. Some are battery powered and some are plug-in. Some have a single bulb or light source. In some this is fixed in place and in others it can be pointed in various directions by you. Some have the light in a circle round the mirror edge.

Some people find lighted mirrors very useful, while others find that natural light with or without a lamp on their vanity unit works better than having a lighted mirror.


  • Made from metal (solid - brass, stainless steel; or other metal and surface finished with a nice coating such as chrome)
  • Wood of various types and colors
  • Plastic of various colors


The cost of a vanity mirror ranges from less than $10 to many thousands of dollars. Many are available in the $10 to $20 price bracket, and there are plenty of good quality and nicely designed ones priced up to around $150. There are also a few in the very high price bracket, suitable for those high net worth individuals with money to spare!


I’ve looked up the price of some magnified makeup mirrors for you.

Conair magnify makeup mirror lighted

This Conair plain and magnified make-up mirror is double-sided, chrome and comes with a battery powered circular light. It costs under $20 and takes 3 AA batteries.

Irving Rice magnify makeup mirror

This standalone Irving Rice makeup mirror is single sided with 7x magnification. Its rimless design looks good, but means there is only one mirror surface. It is available in brushed stainless steel or brushed brass for $88.

Two very expensive ones…

Sophia swivel magnifying mirror page

This swivel magnifying mirror and soap dish set is available from Bergdorf Goodman.

Bellacor expensive wall mounted magnifying makeup mirror

Click here to find out more about this expensive magnify makeup mirror from Bellacor.

To summarise, you have hundreds of vanity mirrors available to chose from that you use to magnify makeup. Mirrors with or without lights, magnified or plain, wall mounted or table top, the choice is yours.

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