Magnifying Makeup Mirror

This Bellacor magnifying makeup mirror costs...

...have a guess! (You'll find out at the bottom of the page).

Here's another magnifying makeup mirror for those with expensive tastes! Having come across the Sophia magnifying mirror from Bergdorf Goodman, I came across this one from Bellacor.

It is very modern looking – designed for contemporary interior decor. It measures just under 9 inches in diameter (just under 23cm). It features a plug-in light (supplied with a 20-watt halogen bulb). There are magnifying mirrors on both sides – one is 3x magnification, the other is 5x magnification.

Bellacor magnifying makeup mirror

It is wall-mounted, although looking at their picture, I think they've photographed it on the floor! Most bathrooms I know have ceramic tiles where the mirrors need to be. I know not all are, but I haven’t seen many bathrooms with distressed wood panelling. Maybe they’ve got it at a second home; a posh wood cabin tucked away somewhere nice for weekends!

The magnifying makeup mirror has a stainless steel frame and features a plug-in light. It doesn’t mention that it plugs into a shaving socket, so I assume it uses a normal electric socket, which causes a bit of a problem there, too – I don’t know many bathrooms with normal electricity sockets. I'm sure the buildings inspector or regulator would have something to say about that!

The light appears to be fixed in place. I think it would be better to have it at the end of a flexible arm so you can position the light where you wanted.

When I saw it and how much is costs, I wondered if it was some special material – maybe highly polished stainless steel to prevent it getting steamed up in a hot, humid bathroom. But no, as far as I can see, it is just another glass mirror.

So…it is a 3x and 5x magnified swivel vanity or makeup mirror. It has to be fixed to a wall, but needs an electric socket to plug in the light. Doesn’t allow much flexibility in where you locate it in your house does it?

And here is the price:

Yours for only $2,720.00! Yes, another $ four figure vanity mirror!

Given the price, my verdict is all style, no substance!

Click here for the Bellacor homepage ( Since I first wrote this page, I don't think they do this particular mirror anymore. Maybe it was the price that put people off...

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