A swivel magnifying mirror to make your jaw drop!

Bask in your vanity with this swivel magnifying mirror and soap dish bathroom set.

Sophia swivel magnifying mirror and Odessa soap dish

The Sophia swivel magnifying mirror and Odessa soap dish.

Bergdorf Goodman is a classy New York department store that sells a whole range of products to suit people with deep pockets. One of their products is a very elaborate, vintage-looking magnifying mirror for makeup or other personal grooming.

Bergdorf Goodman’s "Sophia" double sided mirror has a way of basking you in the warm glow of your own wealth while you do your makeup! I say makeup rather than shaving, because it is much more likely to suit the ladies applying their makeup rather than gents doing the daily ritual of taking the top layer of their skin off!

The mirror is gold effect in the style of a vine with pretty colored flowers attracting various butterflies.

Sophia swivel magnifying mirror - close up part detail

The make-up mirror even has a pretty pearl effect matching soap dish called "Odessa" to make a complete vanity set that will sit well in your gold-trimmed bathroom.

Both products are hand-crafted in the United States and are part of their Winter Rose Collection. They are both made from hand-painted enamel over metal and have hand-set multicolor Swarovski crystals embedded in them to maximize the glister effect.

The flip mirror is 12 inches high, 10½ inches wide and 5 inches deep (30cm x 26cm x 12.5cm).

So, to the price...

The "Sophia" swivel magnifying mirror will set you back a grand total of…


Yes…that’s three thousand and two hundred dollars!!!

But no, wait! That’s not all. It doesn't come as a full mirror and soap dish set. Oh no! Their "Odessa" soap dish will set you back another $395.00.


Of course, to justify the price tag, both are limited edition, potential collectors items and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are likely to become valued antiques in another century or so!

I do imagine it is a bit of a pain to keep them clean and free from dust. But then if you’re in the league to buy vanity mirrors at this price, you’ll have staff to do the cleaning for you!

According to their website, "the Bergdorf Goodman department store stands at the crossroads of fashion at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street in New York City. It is known amongst the fashionista crowd for elegance, luxury, and good service".

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