Find out how to use a television screen magnifier

Use a television screen magnifier if you want to make your television picture appear to be twice as large.

Magnifying a Television Screen

This television screen magnifying panel is a flat, clear plastic screen with a stand that you place in front of your TV screen. It allows you to double the size of the viewing area.

They are generally optometrically tested and approved for use.

To find out which one is suitable for you, you have to measure your television set diagonally across from one side upper corner to the opposite side lower corner and make sure the TV screen magnifier you want is the right size for you.

Different sizes are available to fit a range of television sizes. For example, there is one TV enlarger that fits smaller television sets (those ranging in size from 15 inch to 25 inch across the diagonal).

There is a larger magnifying panel that fits TV sets ranging in size from 25 inch to 30 inch across the diagonal and another one that fits TVs from 30 inch to 35 inch sized.

The TV screen magnifying lens is made from a clear plastic called acrylic, which is hardwearing and durable. It is also easy to keep clean, as you simply use a damp cloth to give it a wipe (perhaps using warm water and a little detergent).

It is very easy to set the screen up with your television. You simply slide the legs of the stand under your TV set.

The way the TV screen magnifying lens works relates to the distance away from the screen that you sit. Ideally, it is for people sitting a reasonable distance away. For that reason, it is not really suitable for magnifying computer monitors, although I’m sure some people do try and use it to magnify computer screens.

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